Important to understand when participating in CSA offerings

Community Supported Agriculture has become vital to the growth and success of many new and older farming ventures. When you purchase a CSA offer, you are telling a farm you believe in what they are doing , that you want to know where your food is coming from and most importantly you are committing to stand by that farm and share in both the bounty of a plentiful harvest and the risk of a poor crop.


Purchasing a CSA share is an investment. You are offering support to a farm/er at the beginning of the process. CSA shares provide cash flow during the planning stage allowing farms to purchase the materials needed to grow and raise food for your family and others. Most farms reward this investment with a return of increased buying power in season

Most of our CSA shares are packages and not open to substitutions. Our Farm Share is an account with credits used to purchase farm products on an a la carte or Pick Your Own basis. It is quite flexible but because it offers a built in discount we do not allow those credits to be used to purchase other CSA products, bulk buy deals or non farm vendor products.

Yes! Our farm share credits expire one year after purchase. This is because they are a part of our CSA program for which the purpose is for you to enjoy our products and share your experience with friends! If you are not comfortable with this or are giving this as a gift, please consider our gift card option as they do not expire.

Unfortunately, No. When you register for one of our CSA offerings you are making a commitment to our farm just as we are making a commitment to you and your family.

CSA Farm Share (Expires in 12 months)

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As a way of providing a flexible CSA a la carte option to include our incredible Wagyu, we are following the lead of several other producers and introducing a CSA Farm Share account.

It is important to note that CSA Farm Share credits expire after one year, can only be used for farm products and can not be used to purchase other CSA or package offerings as they also include discounts.

Our “gift card” products never expire, have no fees and have only the restriction of not being able to purchase gift cards.

 The following denominations are being offered;

$630 in credits for $600.00, 5% premium

$967.50 in credits for $900.00, 7.5% premium

$1320 in credits for $1200.00, 10% premium


This option allows full flexibility in delivery/pickup without the restrictions of our other CSA options. You can simply shop our site and choose the shipping/delivery option you desire entering your CSA card account to pay or visit our farm to shop in person.

Shipping of our CSA items is restricted BUT not impossible. If you would like to subscribe to one of our CSA offering but are not local please reach out, we can look at shipping options together.

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Something we are passionate about is donation to our local food banks and community pantries. We try to donate when other farms are not able too and hope too increase this aspect of our operation as we grow in scale.


We source the majority of our feed from other local small farms and try to purchase our equipment from small businesses where every dollar spent has the greatest impact on our local economy. It has been said that independent businesses return three times more to the local economy on a per dollar spent basis when compared to national chains. We are likely much higher then that!


Farming has become a very difficult vocation to enter into because suitable land is difficult to secure. Our operation is very grateful to several large land holders who allow us to utilize their land for our livestock and crops, keeping it in production and most importantly undeveloped!


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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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