YAKINIKU Shichirin Yakitori Stainless Steel bars
YAKINIKU Shichirin Yakitori Stainless Steel bars

YAKINIKU Shichirin Yakitori Stainless Steel bars

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The Yakitori bars, in our eyes these should be included with the rectangular Shichirin. The bars are needed to support skewered meats and vegtables above the Binchotan charcoal. Yakitori style preparations are one of the highlights in cooking methods afforded by Konro grills like the Yakiniku Shichirin Rectangle.

Shichirins and their accessories are available to ship via UPS but must ship seperately from any perishables. Items can also be picked up at our farm with notice when in stock.

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The Shichirin is as much an event as it is a tool, it allows you and your guests to enjoy a summer barbecue without requiring one to "Man" the grill. the entire process is a social experience. Typically Yakatori/Hibachi/Teppanyaki grills like the Shichirin are limited by fuel source, either high quality Bichotan charcoal which requires they be outside or electricity which limits you to where you have power available BUT does allow cooking indoors. The Shichirin like the rest of the Yakiniku line is made of ceramic with quartz, cordierite and baked at high temperature. The glazed finish on the ceramic ensures that the Shichirin is simple to clean.
The Shichirin grills can only be used outdoors with briquettes, self-igniting briquettes or charcoal. (New electric conversion accessory available 1st Q 2023 will allow use anywhere electricity is available.) Customarily Binchotan charcoal, the black gold of Japan which allows cooking at extremely high temperatures, is used. Binchotan charcoal burns longer and at a considerably higher temperature than ordinary charcoal, often noted to be quieter too. To light Binchotan, one typically first makes a bed of coals from a softer charcoal, a great example being BBQ Flavour Acacia charcoal. You can then place the Binchotan diagonally on the already hot charcoal bed which typically easily lights the Binchotan. It is possible to light Binchotan with a gas torch, but we are told this method takes 15 minutes or longer. Want to get even more out of your Shichirin? take a look some of the many accessories we carry below.
The Magic


To get the most out of your Shichirin requires special fuel, Binchotan charcoal. This special charcoal has very high carbon percentages allowing it to burn exceptional clean and hot.

Available in two styles

The round version is best for Hibachi & Teppanyaki while the rectanglular version is your go to for a Konro & Yakitori grill. This is blurring as Yakiniku adds accessories making both models more flexible though.